Thursday, April 30, 2009

Why Are The Feds Collecting GPS Coordinates of Every House In America?

This story was first broken by Eric Dondero over at the Libertarian Republican blog.

Now there is video proof that, yes indeed, the Census Bureau is getting the GPS coordinates of every American home.

What could this information possibly be needed for? The purpose of the Census Bureau is to tally the number of people living in a congressional district for redistricting purposes. This practice of GPS marking homes is a gross violation of privacy in the very least. At the very most it is something that could be used to easily categorize and track any possible "type" of American as the Government sees fit. GPS coordinates can also be used for military purposes but that is something too horrible to even think about.


  1. Thank you for posting this. I linked to you in a blog post. Spreadin' the word.

  2. I never have and never will comply with the census. It's a huge invasion of privacy and if they come knocking on my door, it's going to be slammed in their faces!

  3. Umm. Haven't you ever heard of google earth? Or zillow? Cheney already has your phones tapped anyway.

  4. come to think of it I recall the only thing that I am to give the Government is an address or P.O box for tax reasons. At least that is how I recall learning in school in the late 60's

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