Tuesday, April 7, 2009

The Left Trying To Steal Our Teaparty Thunder

From Michelle Malkin:

So, in addition to preemptive smears and sabotage efforts, the Left’s nutroots — feeling, well, left out of the spotlight after putting the Obamessiah in office — are organizing their own anti-Tea Party demonstrations.

Liberal guru Joe Trippi and government-subsidized Bill Moyers are pushing the new initiative, titled “A New Way Forward.” Hey, wasn’t Obama supposed to be your New Way Forward? Way to go!

The lefties have chosen April 11 to try and usurp media attention from the nationwide Tax Day Tea Party event on April 15. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

I should note: If even one of those protesters is truly sincere about opposing government bailouts of private industries and truly sincere about ending government support for crony pesudo-capitalists at Fannie/Freddie and truly sincere about letting failing banks fail, I say: Welcome to the club.

The rest is all nutroots Kabuki theater.

You can already guess how the national media will treat the two competing demonstrations. Tens of thousands of tax revolters = radio silence. A few dozen ACORN/ANSWER stragglers in from of any given bank = front page news.

No matter.

Get out there. Mobilize. Put your local and state officials and your members of Congress on notice.
They’re your true audience. Not the MSM.

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