Saturday, April 4, 2009

Senate Introduces Another Bill That Would Permanently Ban Offshore Drilling

In just another nail in the coffin of American's hopes to someday become energy dependent, Senator Robert Menedez (D-NJ) has just introduced a bill to the senate that would permanently ban offshore drilling on almost all of the Atlantic continental shelf.

The bill specifically states that drilling should be banned in the mid and north atlantic areas of the continental shelf. That would bann drilling from anywhere between Georgia and Maine.

With the cap and trade of fossil fuels coming, and the lack of insight into the benefits of nuclear power, American citizens are having their energy choices taken away one by one.


  1. That's insane, Brazil found oil offshore and is going full steam ahead, creating jobs and helping their economy.

    So I guess well just keep importing oil from the middle east and Venezuela.


  2. We don't have energy choices now, so how in the world can they be taken away from us? As long as we are relying on a finite resource like petroleum, we will never be energy independent. I'll never understand people who think that allowing offshore drilling would really change things. The oil companies already have access to oil that they aren't currently tapping. When they exhaust those sources, then it MIGHT make sense to consider allowing more offshore drilling. Even then, it won't provide consumers with any new sources of energy.