Saturday, April 11, 2009

Rachel Maddow Thinks A Conservative Citizen's Right To Organize Is Mockable

So according to Maddow a group of citizens who wish to organize and protest against what they say is bad judgement by the government is worthy of being mocked? Yes Rachel, conservatives get the pun. In fact, WE PLANNED IT THAT WAY! It's catchy isn't it? So Maddow, thanks for getting the word out about our planned rallies and maybe clueing a few people in that, yes, conservatives do have a sense of humor.

However, I think Maddow misses the point. The tax day protest is not the doing of the Republican party. It is the doing of concerned Conservative minded citizens (Republican, Libertarian and even some moderate Democrats) who want to send a message to our ENTIRE government that we are no longer going to put up with it. Everyone in Washington needs to pay attention no matter what letter is after their name. That's probably why Michael Steele was told not to speak at the event. It's not a political party's rally. It is OUR rally.

I'm thinking of designing a "Tea bag Maddow" shirt. Who's interested?


  1. Rachel Maddow embodies everything I dislike about "progressives" aka "Liberals". They love to hate. They enjoy snide comments, self-aggrandizing pseudo-intellectualism. MSNBC's shows resemble 1960 BBC broadcasts or perhaps something out of the Soviet Union in the 70's. Really cutting edge stuff. When will the hate channel finally give it up and fall the way of the dinosaur? They are the same blah blah talking heads hating on anything and everything that even has a HINT of America in it.

  2. Maddow? I have never heard of this cow! I managed to view this dunce to 2:53 of the video. At 2:04 into her... honestly, I don't know what to call it, she started laughing. What in hell was so damn funny? I saw a recent YouTube video of John Stewart, and didn't see what he thought was so amusing either. Fortunately, I don't subscribe to cable, thus never have had the displeasure to view MSNBC, or as Mark Levin refers to it as "MSLSD." I only see links from my favorite blogs to see what these left-wing apparatchiks are spewing.

    Bill Mahr, David Letterman, Oprah Winfrey, The View... not one of these people are remotely funny. Give me internet access to see hilarious commentary, such as Jodi Miller at News Busted!

  3. If you didn't get what was so funny about the teabagging clip on Rachel Maddow's show, it's because you don't know the slang definition of teabagging.

    teabagging is a sex act where a man dangles his balls over another person's mouth, face, head, etc. and moves up and down with the same action one would dip a tea bag in and out of the hot water to make tea.

    That is why it was so damn funny. And then NOM comes out with 2M4M - two men looking for 1 man??? A gay threesome.

    You idiots really should consider googling terms before you decide to use them, just in case they became a slang term for something you don't want to be associated with.

    I look forward to your conservative group sex parties with teabagging as the main event!

  4. yo anonymous.

    Perhaps you didn't read my commentary after the video. YES WE GET THE PUN! It was planned that way ass. Do you really think "Tea bag Obama before he tea bags you!" isn't totally intended to sound that way.

    Jesus Christ, why is this so hard for you liberals to get? The play on words was exactly what was intended. Man, some of you dumb asses make me ashamed to actually be part of the human race.

  5. Anonymous, what in hell makes yout think everyone has heard of your definition of "teabagging?" As I mentioned I managed to get as far as 2:04 of Mad(c)ow's diatribe before shit canning it.

    What an infantile definition for an expression. Don't assume this is a "mainstream" saying. It must be one of those idiotic buzz phrases that last a week or two and move on; not unlike the moronic "my bad."

    And, you refer to us as idiots. You sound like and are an idiot for making the assumption that all of us are conservatives. I happen to be libertarian! But being the idiot you are, I doubt you would understand.

  6. William:
    Of course libertarians will be heaped with republicans and conservatives. According to Marx, peace is the absence of opposition. All three parties/philosophies I have mentioned are in opposition to BHO & Co, part and parcel of Team Geppetto. As far as teabagging goes, I am sure Rachel's male counterparts know the term well, but I doubt she's gotten close enough to know it personally. :) She's just a female version of Jon Leibowitz in comfortable shoes and she's not funny.

  7. i love how conservatives bash on liberals but love the smell of their own farts. no offense, im a independent and generally in the middle on most issues. But when you have people like glen beck and sean hannity spewing hate speech everyday, and they're supposed to be the face of your movement...not to mention people like sarah palin who has no real substancial policy plans (although I do like her personally she seems like a nice lady) anyone who doesn't agree with conservatives is a socialist, and anyone who doesnt agree with liberals is a right wing extremist, you people need to wake up and see we're all americans. We're at war with people who are trying to kill us, we don't need to help them by killing ourselves.