Thursday, April 23, 2009

What A Surprise! Henrietta Hughes Is Still Jobless Despite Begging Obama For Help

CNN is reporting that Henrietta Hughes, the woman the pleaded for help because she and her son have been living out of a car at a Obama speech in Fort Meyers, Florida in February, still has not found a job and may soon be kicked out of her free house.

"Now Hughes says time is running out. The home she lives in was donated by the wife of a Florida lawmaker. Once the house sells, Hughes will have to leave.

Hughes worries that she could end up living in her car again"

But as Michelle Malkin had reported in February, and the MSM never seemed to have touched on, Henrietta Hughes has been on the Government dole and begging for freebies since 2004 when Henrietta's son took advantage of a doctor's hospitality and got himself some free medical care.

And according to the blog Riehlworld, the Hughes' have been living in public housing since 1983!

Maybe what this revelation of Hughes still not being able to pull herself up by her boot straps shows us, is that Government assistance does not help! 37 years of having someone else provide for Henrietta has gotten her nothing. Of course this revelation will become the face of "we aren't doing enough" in the MSM. But they wouldn't dare tell you the whole story.

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