Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Proposed Texas Legislation To Fine Cashiers For Not Suggesting Reusable Bags?

What WHAT?!?!

This is 100% totally for real. Rep. Rafael Anchia(pictured left), a Democrat from Dallas, of The Texas House of Representatives, is attempting to enter the race for Most Unreasonable Nanny State Politician with his HB 1867. The bill would require check-out clerks to "ask the customer if the customer would like to purchase a reusable bag... at reasonable price." Failure to ask this question would be labeled a crime. Yes you heard me right, a crime.

There is also a fine imposed if the clerk fails to ask the question. A $200-$600 fine for the individual who failed to ask. And the business that employs this poor sucker also gets hit with a fine - $200-$500.

According to Daniel Greer of Empower Texans had this to say about Rep. Rafael Anchia:
"In case you are wondering, Mr. Anchia's official biography helping notes that he has a "genuine passion for helping people and true empathy for their struggles and aspirations." He's also a trial lawyer. How the two are reconciled is an issue left unexplored...

If Mr. Anchia truly wanted to help people, he wouldn't offer mind-numbing regulations such as this. This legislation will only serve to stifle commerce in the poorest of neighborhoods, and force check-out clerks and small business owners to fret over insane rules of conduct.

On the other hand, it will mean more employment for lawyers struggling with their aspirations to sue."

I agree Mr. Greer, this Anchia guy sounds like a whacko.

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