Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Obama Is Paying Back The Union Thugs That Got Him Elected

Original story at Freedom@Work Blog:
Freedom@Work readers will remember our extensive coverage of Barack Obama's numerous executive orders (during the first month of his Presidency) paying back union bosses for their efforts getting him into the White House.

Yesterday, a provision in Obama's January 30 executive order took effect -- revoking former-President Bush's February 2001 executive order which required federal contractors to post notices in the workplace simply informing employees of their right to refrain from formal, dues paying union membership and withhold forced dues for everything but the documented cost of collective bargaining.

The Obama directive is intended to ensure millions of workers do not learn of their right, won in the National Right to Work Foundation's precedent-setting U.S. Supreme Court victory Communication Workers v. Beck, to withhold forced union dues earmarked for union politics, lobbying, and other non-bargaining activities.

This is just the first of many steps by Barack Obama and his Big Labor cronies (for example, his Labor Secretary Hilda Solis) are already taking

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  1. This is funny! I thought the GOP didn't want government interfering with business any more than necessary. If that's the case, then Republicans should be supporting the revocation of Bush's executive order.

    The idea that the revocation is intended to ensure that workers don't learn of their right is purely speculation. There's nothing preventing anyone who wants to from plunking down the cash to do a country-wide campaign informing workers around the country of this right. If it's that important to the GOP, why don't they do this?

    By the way, isn't a candidate SUPPOSED to help the people who got him elected? After all, they are a part of the citizenry, too. Does voting for a candidate mean that he is being unscrupulous if he does anything that might benefit you?

    This is just silliness!