Saturday, March 21, 2009

PA Democrat Acting Labor Secretary Sandi Vito Arrested After Being Too Drunk To Sign Her Own Name

You will notice how the article below doesn't reference a political affiliation of Vito. Well I will. She is a Democrat. With numerous ties to the unions.

From Penn Live:
Acting Labor and Industry Secretary Sandi Vito was too drunk to sign the citation issued to her for public drunkenness, according to documents that were filed Wednesday in court.

The citation against Vito, which carries a $200 fine, was filed in District Judge Joseph Solomon's office Wednesday, a week after Vito was picked up for public drunkenness at the Harrisburg Hilton.

Vito was found "extremely intoxicated" in the hotel bar, according to city police Officer Amy Bright, who issued the citation. The document also said Vito was shouting an obscenity at Bright and others.

Vito, 43, entered a rehab facility a day after The Patriot-News reported the incident. She is expected to return to her $136,120-a-year post after a leave that will last about two weeks, authorities said.

Vito has been recommended for confirmation by the Senate's Labor and Industry Committee, and a vote is expected by the Senate within a few weeks.

Gov. Ed Rendell is expected to continue to support her, administration officials said.

In a statement she issued after the incident, Vito said she was arrested after she declined to take a cab instead of walking to her home in Shipoke.

Sources familiar with the incident said police were summoned by hotel employees after Vito either fell out or jumped out of a cab that was summoned for her and refused to get back in.


  1. Can you blame her for getting drunk ? With all the dirty politics, and destruction of our society that these people are causing, she probobly could not go home and look herself in the mirror

  2. Oh noez! A politician got drunk at a hotel. She even used an obscenity! Quelle horreur! Are we this desperate for news these days? Sheesh! Alcohol isn't even illegal. Looking at a story like this, you'd think that we don't actually have anything important going on in this country.