Tuesday, March 17, 2009

MSM Picks Up 100 Person Bush Protest But Still Failing To Report On Thousands Who Have Attended Tea Party Protests

What do you mean the media doesn't have a liberal agenda?

Google news is abuzz with stories about the 100 protesters that showed up in Calgary Canada to protest George W. Bush who was making an appearance at a $400 plate dinner today. CBS, Reuters, Bloomberg and a slew of other major media outlets are reporting on the protest.

Strangely there are still very few stories illustrating the massive turnouts at the tea party protests that have been springing up since February 27th. No major media is reporting the story. The actual reporter work has been left up to a slew of local newspapers and TV stations.

Roughly 5,000 people showed up at Cincinnati's protest on Sunday to speak out against the way our President and democratically controlled congress is spending our tax dollars like a bunch of drunken monkeys. No national news agencies covered it.

Last week the tea party in St. Louis drew an estimated crowd of 10,000 protesters. No major mention of that from any big news outlet.

There was however a story run by The Examiner mocking the tea party that was held in Boise Idaho as under attended with only 100 protesters. That is funny, because 100 is the number of protesters that showed up to scream at W. today.

Seems like 100 is only substantial when it's 100 liberals. 100 conservatives mean shit.

Yes indeed, there is no liberal media bias.

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  1. We had major issues with coverage on local media here in Cincinnati. Like you said, our tea party had 5,000 show up and it was the 2nd largest political rally at Fountain Square (the largest being a Vietnam-era protest).

    I have a slew of pictures from the Cincinnati Tea Party, and I can tell you that the crowd was large, lively, and had some extremely creative signs.