Saturday, January 3, 2009

Team Sarah Trolls Revealed!

Thanks to the The RedState for breaking this story.

A week or two ago, The Huffington Post ran a story about racist remarks on the Team Sarah website. What I found most interesting about the story that it highlighted maybe 10 accounts of racism on a very active site with 63,723 members at my last count, negligable in my mind to say the least. But whatever, it's the HuffPo and as previously stated, they are all a bunch of "c-words".

But the RedState has uncovered, and has proof, that many of the racism coming from Team Sarah is actually Obama trolls posing as Sarah supporters, posting racist and hateful comments and then alerting the HuffPo.

The Red state has done its research and has traced down some of the offending posters to YAforObama, DemocraticUnderground

Team Sarah administrators supposedly have over 15 pages of information on the trolls and proof of thier invasions. We can only hope that HuffPo will write a retracton of the story. But something tells me they probably will not.


  1. You can be certain that Obama democrooks will do all illegal things like hacking someone's email. They have no respect for law, such as stealing elections, false voter registering, etc.

  2. That may or may not have happened, but I know someone who supports Sarah Palin, but who was absolutely horrified by some of the people on that site and the racist and even dangerous things that they were saying. I have also seen some of the hate as well and I did not sign in as a Team Sarah Supporter and never would.

    I think it is very easy to blame things in your own organization on others. Look at Bobaloo's comment accusing "Obama Democrats" of illegal activity and "stealing the election." That is out there as far as I am concerned.

    It is people like this and people on that website, not all of them by the way, but certainly enough of them, that repel people like me and even people I know who do support Sarah Palin.

    The biggest problem with that group, are the people who spew hate.

    Why worry about Democrats or Obama. If you really think that Sarah Palin is the answer, then go for it and try to convince people in a positive way that she actually brings something to the table.

    Bottom line, you cannot blame the hate on that website on everyone else because even the more rational Team Sarah people are disgusted.

  3. cmacivor,
    I hear ya and agree with what you are saying.

    I'm a member of TeamSarah and there are some people on there very stuck in their religious ways. I am often in opposition to those members because I am not religious and I lean a bit to the libertarian side of conservatism, social tolerance and individual liberty is my mantra. A lot of people on teamsarah do not like me for my views even though I am on their side. But I don't support a politician or party view based on what their supporters say. I support them based on my stance on the issues.

    As for you saying that may not have happened? Have you checked the links I provided? There are people posting other forums saying that they went on teamsarah and posted hateful things to cause a ruckus. It happened. And those websites were democratic sites or Obama websites, spewing vile hatred for a woman and trying to sabotage her and her supporters.

    I agree spewing hatred is never right. Whether it comes from the left or the right, it is divisive and wrong. But what is worse is a group trying to further incite the divisiveness by posing as a Palin supporter and spewing hatred and then saying "Oh look at that! They are such bad people!". Its an age old tactic and some of the neolibs are exploting it far too often. Eventually these dirty tricks will catch up to the left. The right has used their fair share of scare tactics and now the left is doing the exact same thing.

    It's a smoke and mirrors game for a partisan division. If you can't see it you are blind.

  4. Valerie, I don't know if it happened or not. It may have. But what I was saying is that I know that there are a good portion of people on that site who are fairly frightening and extremely intolerant.

    I have seen it. The person I know who supports her has seen it from people who actively support her. You just can't blame it all on trolls.

  5. Oh I'm not blaming it ALL on trolls. But trolls do deserve some of the blame. Sure there are some scary Palin supporters out there. They are called the extremists, and they come in both the left and the right variety. The only difference is the right variety seems to be getting all of the attention lately. Wouldn't you call the people so filled with hate of the right that they are willing to pretend they are someone else, extremists also?

    And when an extremist from the left poses as an extremist from the right to "rally" his side and convince the unconvinced that the oppostion is wrong, that is a smoke and mirrors partisan trick. Its as simple as that and by simply ignoring the people doing it because they are on your side, you are no better than the extremists you are trying to imitate.

    Our nation will never be cohesive until we can address the hate on both sides. Not just the side we personally think is correct.

  6. Team Sarah as an organization is well intentioned. I supported Sarah Palin and still do. I think she a very viable conservative candidate for any office.

    That being said, I think the moderators and some of the group think masquerading as conservatism at TeamSarah is way off base. I have read numerous posts by people who feel that conservatism is essentially policy driven. I agree with that and consider any viable, sound, conservative a plus to the conservative movement. Certain members at team Sarah however seem to feel that only if you subscribe to their brand of Christian conservatism, well, you are not only not a true conservative bu also not a good Christian.

    I have seen good members who spoke intelligently and wonderfully for conservatism thrown off the Team Sarah site for daring to disagree with this small groups of zealots. If it were only other forum posters I could say, "Who cares?", but it seem the moderators must share that zealotry or else those good conservatives would still be there.

    I left Team Sarah for this reason. I don't think they represent modern conservatism. They are stuck in the dark ages where only an Evangelical Christian should dare call themselves conservative or Republican.

  7. RJL,

    I do feel that! The Religious zealots are out in full force on that page and are very willing to call anyone that disagrees with them unchristian and unconservative. Like I said before, I am not liked very much on teamsarah because oftentimes, I sway on most of the neocon mentatlity that takes place there.

    I refuse to leave though, because I am hoping that by people like me, who don't suscribe to the groupthink staying there, it will be a more open place for modern conservatives.

    There was talk of banning me once because of my voiced opinions on conception and birth control, but I made it clear that if I were banned for simply being in disagreement with them, I wouldn't keep quiet about it. My blog gets a decent amount of hits and I would tell anyone that would listen. All they need is more bad press.

    It was never mentioned again.

    But speaking to the subject of this blog, I have never seen the blatant racism and bigotry that the Huffpo wrote about from the regular members of team sarah. While I may not agree with them all the time, they are not hatemongers.

  8. Valerie, I saw some comments on Team Sarah fromafriend of mine who is a member that were racist and outrageous. The person knew it and did not care.

    I agree that if people are posting on there who are not Team Sarah members, that is awful, but this was a bona fide Team Sarah member who had numerous hateful posts. That is ridiculous and they should get a life.

    I did see some like you who were trying to use reason to advise the group that pro-choice people must have a voice.

    Did you know that Palin cut funding for rape kits in Wasilla when she was Mayor?

  9. Welcome back cmacivor,

    I hear what you say. Of course there are some out there people on teamsarah. There are "out-there" people everywhere you go.

    I think the people willing to pose as Palin supporters and make inflamatory remarks to incite racism as just as "out-there" as the racists themselves. I think we can agree on that.

    My simple point is that all of teamsarah members are not bad, racist hateful people. I consider myself a fairly open-minded person. There are others like me on teamsarah, check out this group .

    As for the rape kit thing, it is obvious what you want to believe. This has been explained and debunked several times but you are still desperately clinging to your arguement. Go here. (Sorry I can't attach a link to the particular files, damn pdf's). But if you click the link "Billing of sexual assault victims for forensic exams", you will see the city has no evidence to say that any rape victims were charged for their kit. Palin herself has denied knowing that this was being practiced and the police chief at the time of this whole controversy said that this was his idea. He didn't think that the taxpayers should foot the bill when they could after the rapist for restitution. I gotta say, I kind of agree here. Let the scum bag convicted of the crime foot the bill, not the taxpayer.

    But regardless, with no real evidence supporting this notion that Sarah had any clue what was going on or in some way advocated it, why do you choose to believe it? Is it because you are so willing to believe the bad about a woman you dispise before you give her the benefit of the doubt, which doubt there is a considerable amount of? That seems a bit closed minded to me. Of course, closed-mindedness is only wrong when we are talking about a liberal president elect and the offenders are conservative women on a pro-palin site.