Wednesday, January 14, 2009

PA Based Retailer, Boscov's, Will Get Promised Bailout

Boy this really pushes my buttons.

I used to work for this place during my college years, and let me tell you, Boscov's Department Stores do not deserve a bailout!! Everyone associated with the store saw the looming bankruptcy coming. Why are the Pennsylvania taxpayers responsible for their mess?

According to the Pottsville Republican(my hometown paper), 5 counties in PA are funneling money through the estranged and once again owner of the chain retail store, Al Boscov.

Schuylkill, Butler, Blair, Cambria, Lackawanna and Lebanon counties, will serve as a conduit for nearly $35 million in state government loans meant to keep the department store chain afloat.

“Boscov’s has been a stalwart in the community for years,” county Director of Economic Development Mark Scarbinsky said in a telephone interview Monday afternoon. “We’re only a conduit, a channel for this money. It is not local taxpayer dollars funding this.”

Seriously Mark Scarbinsky. Really. Local tax payer dollars are not funding this? Because it is the state's money you are using? Is that really your logic? You do realize that the locals in this community also PAY STATE TAXES RIGHT!?!?! Your incompetence is stifling, Mark Scarbinsky.

Snyder county has been the only county so far to refuse funds to Al Boscov. Kudos Snyder County! Do you have room for one more? I can't live in a place where the County Commissioner and Director of Economic Development think the citizens that live here are frickin idiots.

As for my fellow Schuylkill Countians and Pennsylvanian's alike, join me in boycotting Boscov's. It will be a cold day in hell before I step foot in that money-grubbing overpriced dollar store ever again. I have Christmas gifts that I would like to have returned there, but now I'm saying screw it, I'll donate my unwanted gifts. The Women in Crisis Center is much more deserving than that place.

I hear Bon-ton is falling on rough times. I say everyone that is through with Boscov's and their crap hi jinks, do your shopping at Bon-Ton and keep a business afloat in the right way.

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