Monday, January 19, 2009

Alaska Senator Lisa Murkowski Asks Bush For Pardon Of Ted Stevens

What the frick!?!! And to think I had high hopes for Miss Murkowski, the 1st term Republican senator from Alaska.

According to KTUU Alaska
"Murkowski's spokesperson, Mike Brumas, confirmed the request in an e-mail to Channel 2 News, writing, "In answer to you question, yes Sen. Murkowski has requested that President Bush pardon former Sen. Stevens. I can't provide any further details at this time due to the sensitive nature of the issue."

Outside of this statement from her office, Murkowski declined to comment.

It's unclear when the application may have been made. The Department of Justice says as of Friday no one had made an application for a pardon on the Senator's behalf with the Office of Pardon Attorney, according to Laura Sweeney in the department's Office of Public Affairs."

Bush has until the time President-elect Barack Obama is sworn in at approximately noon Tuesday to grant any last minute pardons. But according to CBS Correspondent Mark Knoller no more acts of executive clemency are expected from President Bush. White House Press Secretary Dana Perino has also said that Bush's pardons spoken of earlier today would be Bush's last act of clemency.

Hopefully so.

As Republican red as my blood flows, Ted Stevens deserves no pardon. He is a liar and a corrupt bastard. As for Senator Murkowski? She has just dropped to the "barely above pond scum" level of respect in my book. I also think this is just about the most boneheaded of bonehead moves for Murkowski to make, when there are the footsteps of a Sarah Palin challenge for the Alaska Senate seat in 2010. Maybe Murkowski doesn't want her job too badly.


  1. Here are two final pardons by Bush. One we saw coming, the other not so much: