Monday, January 26, 2009

Pop Singer Adele's Truly Progressive Partisan Ignorance

British pop singer Adele has been blessed by Sarah Palin.

Adele, who had much success in the U.K with her album 19, was virtually an unknown in the U.S until guesting on Saturday Night Live with Sarah Palin guesting and the monster audience that tuned in to see her.

"She wasn't even meant to be on the week I was on, so the whole thing was totally unexpected. When I woke up the morning after the show, '19' was No. 15 on iTunes. By the time I got on the plane it was No. 8, and when we landed at home it was No. 1.", Adele told The Seattle Times in a phone interview.

Despite all that 20 year old Adele also admits "I did meet Palin, but I didn't want to,I was avoiding it. But she did come up and say hello, and she was perfectly nice. I had a big Obama pin on."

Now I am perfectly fine with Adele having supported Obama. What really gets me is how a young girl of 20 years old would not want to meet someone simply because she likes her opponent better. What is going on with the, so called "liberal", young people of the world, that respect can barely be feigned for someone not always seen eye to eye with? To think that a young woman would pass up a chance to meet someone who will become a part of history, is absolutely ridiculous. It is this ignorance, on both sides of the party lines, that causes such resentment and hate. My mind can barely fathom how the so called "progressives" can dismiss a kind of behavior like this. It is immature and disrespectful and so closed minded it actually makes me want to induce vomiting to think that people can be so ignorant. And it actually makes me kind of happy that when I tried to buy Adele's album from iTunes, the program froze up and the transaction didn't go through. I think my money could be better spent elsewhere.


  1. She sure can sing. So what?

  2. Yeah ccoffer she can sing like a muther!

    I just find it interesting that she wouldn't want to meet the lady. As much as I don't agree with Obama, if he and I were in the same building do you know how psyched I would be to meet him personally?!? That is an amazing opportunity for a young person to have to be able to have a face to face meeting with someone of prominence.

    I just really think it says a lot about a group of people that pride themselves on being "open-minded" when they would rather not speak to a leader because they don't see eye to eye on everything. It's not like Sarah Palin eats babies or something, I can't see the reason for such closed-mindedness.

  3. Valerie,

    What really gets me is how a young girl of 20 years old would not want to meet someone simply because she likes her opponent better

    Did she say that's the reason why she didn't want to meet her? And how is a 20 year old woman a "young girl"? I know that I had no problem deciding why I liked or disliked a particular candidate at that age. There were plenty of politicians that I just had no desire to meet. Besides, Adele is British. How many 20 year old American women get really excited about everyone who gets nominated by the political parties in the UK? The UK has a much better track record with regards to females in government. It's no surprise that she wouldn't be all that enthralled by Palin even if she did agree with her politics.