Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Tom Vilsack, Secretary of Agriculture. Yet Another Corrupt "Pay to Player" On Team Obama?

I just saw it pop up on the newswire. Obama taps Vilsack for Secretary of Agriculture. I quickly run to the Google homepage. I type in "Vilsack Corrupt". The first hit I get is this little beaut from MSNBC, entitled IS CLINTON HELPING VILSACK WITH HIS DEBT?, from March of 2007.

It's a priceless little gem that explains that after Vilsack's failed Presidential bid, he was left with mounds of debt. When Vilsack dropped out of the race and endorsed Hillary, Clinton said that she would help him take care of his bills. But being the strong, upstanding, law abiding former Governor that Vilsack is, he said "Thanks but no thanks there, Hil."

Vilsack then goes on to say he is taking out personal loans to pay off his debt, but then goes on to say that he has friend's in the state who are strong Hillary supporters that will help him financially.

Umm. Tom Vilsack. Your confusing me. Personal Loans? Money from the Hill-ster? Or money from your Hill-ster supporting friends?

God I wish politicians could keep their lies straight for more than 10 seconds as not to confuse me so.

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