Saturday, December 6, 2008

Florida and US Taxpayers Footing The Bill For Bill Ayers To Speak At FSU

That's right. William Ayers, the unrepentant former terrorist bomber and member of the anti-government organization The Weathermen, is being paid $5,000 to speak at Florida State University. This money is coming from activities fees collected from students attending FSU.

The Conservative Ponderer at Conservative Ponderment brings up a great point:
As 64% of the students enrolled at Florida State University receive Bright Futures Scholarships funded by the residents of Florida with Lottery earnings, and the Bright Futures money pays for tuition and student activity fees for each Bright Futures student, Mr. Ayers is being indirectly compensated with public funds by the residents of Florida.

Also take into consideration also that FSU is a public university and many students that attend public universities do so with Federal student grants and Federal student loans, which are completely funded by taxpayers across the country. Which means that all taxpayers across our nation are funding this event.

There is an online petition that can be signed HERE, if you would like to make your opinion on the issue known and stop this terrorist from profiting from the public dime and our hard earned tax dollars, a public which he despised enough to try and destroy. I can't believe this guy would even take money funded by a government he hates so much.

This is not just a Conservative or Republican issue. This is an American issue. Bill Ayers became a huge public figure during the 2008 election. He is now using the publicity he got from the election to make money off of our tax system. If we allow this kind of behavior to continue, we are only rewarding someone for bad behavior. Speak out against it now! Before our country becomes nothing but a breeding ground of hatred!


  1. Should be an interesting discussion on the local morning radio show Monday. The shows are archived to if you want to listen later.