Thursday, December 18, 2008

Sarah Palin Rejects Salary Increase

From KTUU in Alaska:
Gov. Sarah Palin says she would not accept a raise recommended by the State Officers Compensation Commission.

Palin spokesman Bill McAllister said Wednesday that if the Legislature submits legislation for a raise, Palin will not accept the money.

Instead, if the raise is approved, she will subtract the difference from her current salary and donate it to charity or find a way to redirect the funds for the benefit of others, McAllister said.

The comment comes in response to reports Tuesday that the State Officers Compensation Commission is recommending the governor's annual salary be increased from $125,000 to $150,000.

McAllister says Palin never asked for a raise and that the review of top salaries is mandated by a recently passed state law.

The commission is also recommending that all lawmakers be paid $50,000. That standard would replace a variable compensation range and eliminate long-term per diem payments.

Of course, the blood thirsty Liberals are already claiming this is nothing but a political move on Palin's part. They very well may be right, but would a politician that does what her constituents want and what is in their best interest really such a bad thing after all?? Maybe she should take a hint from Liberals like Blago and Richardson and make sure to see the money first before she tries to serve the people.

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