Sunday, December 14, 2008

Ammunition Accountability Act: PA House Bill 2228 aka The Encoded Ammunition Act

The more I read about the doings of our government, the more I think George Orwell may have been on to something. His prediction was just about 25 years off.

There is a movement within our government to track our every move. I just discovered a movement known as The Ammunition Accountability Act that some legislators in Washington are pushing hard for. The act makes it mandatory that ammunition manufacturers encode each box of bullets with a unique serial number that will make the bullet traceable. The legislation also makes it mandatory that the retailer of the ammunition, positively identifies and records the consumer buying the bullets for entrance into a government database.

There is currently legislation pending in 18 states regarding this act. Those states being:
New Jersey
New York
Rhode Island
South Carolina
and Washington

Being from Pennsylvania, I have done a little research on my own home state's bill.
PA House Bill 2228 is legislation that was proposed February 5th 2008. Not only does the PA act follow suit with the nationwide movement in making encoding of ammunition mandatory, the PA bill also proposes a tax on bullet manufacturers to fund the government database tracking and a sales tax on consumers who buy ammunition. Five cents per round to be exact. Really? Five cents per round?? That seems a bit much don't you think?

I have created a petition to let our state legislators in Pennsylvania know that the citizens of this state are not happy with these plans. Please sign the petition and let everyone you know, that would be interested in this cause, know about the act and that Pennsylvanians will not stand for this. Our freedom depends on it.


  1. Your a little late picking up on this but thanks for keeping it at the forefront..try this site and read what u will into it

  2. let me try again

  3. nevermind, it wont take the whole addy for some reason thats beyond me

  4. azure,
    I know I am very late in getting this. I had no idea that this was going on! I just stumbled upon it yesterday and did a google search and saw that there was practically nothing on it. Better late getting the word our than never right?

  5. Valerie and azurevirus - That link is If you have Firefox then go to the website and put their add-on into your toolbox; it allows a right-click/create short URL replacements for those unwieldy long ones. Thanks for the info; someone needs to tell those idiots that "1984" was not an Operations Manual for Good Government!

  6. This also means home reloading of cartridges will be out, since private folks won't be able to affording the encoders nor will they likely have access to the registration system.

    It also means criminals will start using shotshells for committing crimes, since the individual shot pellets are too small to encode and the empty shot cartridges are easily retained.

    So not only is this a brazen assault on our Constitutional rights, it will have unintended consequences on lawful shooters and will be utterly ineffective at stopping crime. If criminals have not problems illegally obtaining guns now, why would they have any problem illegally obtaining ammo under this law?

  7. Charlie..this is typical washington everyone will be buying shotguns..I read somewhere in a city where the cops were were called to a gunshop..because members of the Crips and the Bloods were buying all the ammo up in the store..heheh..u got to give it to the Washington crowd..I will try to find that article again but I get google alerts on like 55 subjects ..every few minutes..and to think I was thinking about selling the ol 12 ga pump for a while.

  8. If this country of ours is not more carefull its going to start another civil war. I will die for my country in what it stands for! And the last I checked it, it still stands for FREEDUM! Good luck to anyone that trys to track my bullets or guns.

    If another civil war does happen in our country. I guess the old folk loar saying may come to be true. It will be like a black man taking a knife to a gun fight. I wonder who will come out on top?

    I dont care how expensive ammo is when it comes to protecting my rights. And I really dont care what color a persons skin is when it comes to protecting my country or rights.

  9. By the way I like your blog a lot!