Tuesday, February 24, 2009

The Philadelphia Tea Party Is On!!

I'm getting details on the Philadelphia location for the nationwide tea party protest on Friday.

The event in Philly will start at 12pm at Independence Hall in Philadelphia. We are expecting a big crowd. We have been getting a lot of interest so far. Please visit our Facebook event page to RSVP or just show up on Friday. Although an RSVP would be appreciated.

Make sure to bring signs and your enthusiasm!

If you have any questions at all, e-mail me at gopforliberty@gmail.com


  1. I'll try to make it, Valerie.


    Jeff Schreiber
    America's Right

  2. Now I'm hearing that it is Saturday, at noon, at Independence Hall.


  3. Your right about the location change. It will be at Independence Hall, but it is still for Friday at noon.

    Thanks for the heads up though so that I could look into that

  4. Count me in Valerie..Just ordered the tea party shirt.