Tuesday, February 24, 2009

The Official Nationwide Tea Party Has Been Organized

Looks like these protests are turning into more than just a couple organized in a few cities. They are going to be popping up all over the place. here is the official webpage for the nation-wide Chicago Tea Party. Visit the website and find what is being organized closest to you. And then get your butt there on the 27th.

Thanks to Rick Santelli for motivating so many people to get up and get out.

Fellow Pennsylvanian's, be on the lookout for the organization of the Philadelphia Tea Party Protest also. I am currently working withDevon Generally, A Philadelphia Republican who is hoping to make a run for the U.S senate in 2010, to organize the Philadelphia event.

I will bring you details of the Philadelphia protest as they emerge.


  1. There is a Philly tea party in the planning stages!


  2. Thanks Brendan.

    Devon and I were working out some of the details. I posted about the Philly protest too. It's gonna be so awesome!