Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Mesa Arizona's Stimulus Protest

Check out Michelle Makin's write up for more information and pictures about this wonderful protest!


  1. These posters are ridiculous. Do they not understand how the United States works? Apparently! Just as they pay for the bills of others, when they get older, others will pay for their bills. If they don't like that fact, then there problem isn't with the stimulus plan. They need to be protesting the bigger picture.

  2. Oh_My_Goodness! Please tell me, bint alshamsa, that your post was tongue-in-cheek.

    Is there ANY better recipe for waste, fraud, overindulgance, and overspending than to not have to pay your OWN bills? Pay your OWN way in this world?

    Here, let's do a little experiment. You go find someone you've never met before. Now, you and that other person agree to cover the cost of each other's lifestyle. You pay her bills/expenses and she'll pay yours. See what happens to each of your spending patterns.

    That's what you're advocating with your post. But instead of permeating this fraud on someone who willing entered into it, we're forcing our children (and their children), who have no voice in the matter, to bear our burdens.

    If your post was TIC, or if I totally misunderstood your post, I apologize for this. But there are many people who actually believe what your post appears to advocate.