Monday, November 24, 2008

OK You Guys, Jokes Over. Bring Back The REAL Republican Party! Its Conservatism Stupid!

I can't believe all the yammering going on within the Republican Party after our big loss on game day this year. I have heard so many of my fellow Republican friends, blame the lose on John McCain's inability to distance himself from Bush.

I say... ummm... no.

As a diehard Republican (who admittedly leans a bit to the Libertarian side), I can tell you what sunk McCain was his inability to distance himself from his own party (lead by George Bush). Republicans have been getting a bad wrap lately and I really don't even wonder why. We used to be the party of small government, personal responsiblilty and individual freedom. Now we are seen as the party of big expensive wars, the party that will turn the other cheek to big corporate corruption and irresponsibility and the party that tell you who you are allowed to invite in your bedroom.

From The North Florida Daily News
"In 1980, the Regan Revolution was launched on conservative principles. Reagan clearly stated the need for decreased taxes, a slimmer government, free people conducting themselves in freedom and self-discipline, a strong defense, and government simply regulating what was mandated in the Constitution. Reagan won.

In 1984, when the Gipper ran for reelection, he was clobbered by every media outlet in the nation. All he did was campaign on the need to continue his policies. In case you forgot, he lost only Minnesota and the District of Columbia. Eleven electoral votes."

If we, as a party, ever expect to get out of this hole and reclaim our stake, we must get back to our roots. And we have to do more than just talk about it. We have to prove it. We must use the next 4 years working our asses off to prove that we haven't lost our Republican values.

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