Thursday, November 27, 2008

An Alameda County CA Judge Comes Through For Ron Paul Republicans

Read the story in it's entirety at the SFgate

An Alameda County judge has thrown out a lawsuit contesting the election of a handful of supporters of libertarian Republican Ron Paul, a former presidential candidate, to the county's Republican Central Committee.

Alameda County Superior Court Judge Frank Roesch dismissed the lawsuit brought on by the Republican Central Committee and committee Chairman Paul Cummings of Oakland, a former Democrat, seeking to overturn the election of a group of Paul supporters. The opposing group won 12 of the committee's 30 seats in the election held on June 3, 2008, and Cummings alleged that seven of them did not meet the party membership requirements for candidates.

Cummings contests that Judge Roesch "got the law wrong".

The lawsuit was the result of an attempt to win control of the committee by passionate supporters of Ron Paul, the libertarian Republican congressman from Texas who sought the party's presidential nomination this year and who urges major reductions in government and overseas spending as well as a stricter interpretation of the Constitution.

One of the defendents, Stanley Livermore, had this to say. "We're looking forward to getting involved with the Republican Party and helping the party to stay on track".

I have one important question for Mr. Cummings. Why on earth, in such a tumultuous time for the Republican party, would he be considering blackballing a sub-group of his own party from a committee?? If the Republican party has learned anything from the bumpy last two elections, it should have been that we need new ideas and fresh blood in our party. Any supporters of the Conservative cause should be welcomed with open arms.

I for one applaud the 7 men who stood up for what they believed in and refused to back down from the political establishment. Bravo Fellas!


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